Wooden Garage Doors

Premier Entry Systems’ wood garage doors have proven to be longer-lasting and more durable than steel and wood overlay garage doors. Our unique bolting system keeps the door panels from coming unhinged from their track, which often happens to other garage doors on the market. Through time-tested, detail-oriented crafting processes, we guarantee your wood garage door is built with the utmost professional care.

Why We’re Your Best Source For Wood Garage Doors

  • Top-notch materials. We only use the finest wood products — including Cedar and Redwood — for the doors we build. Our wood is kiln-dried for maximum durability.

  • Quality craftsmanship. Our wood garage doors are designed and crafted in our Texas-based shop. We don’t settle for satisfaction. We strive for perfection.

  • Outstanding warranty. Other companies only offer a 1-year warranty on their garage doors. That’s because they aren’t built to last. We offer a 5-year warranty on all of our garage door products, although we carefully craft them to last much longer.

  • Decades of experience. We have years of experience in wood garage door design and creation. You can trust us to build a beautiful, high-quality garage door at an affordable price.

Before and After.

Before and After.